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King Tree Farm of Ozark, Missouri, is one of the newest vendors at the fledgling James River Farmers Market in Springfield, Missouri.
      Owner Richard King says they grow and sell "lots of herbs and tomatoes, both cut and potted." We liked the selection and the quality of their bedding plants and were also taken with some surprises, like the beautiful daffodils above and, especially, Richard's remarkable rock art, which you can see below.
      We're rooting for this farmers market big time in its very first year because we like its spirit and its vendors, and we certainly think King Tree Farm is a great addition to its lineup.
James River Farmers Market is located in the Remington's parking lot at 1655 W. Republic Rd. in Springfield. It's open from 8 a.m. till noon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
Market Day

Affable Richard King, right, and partner Bryan Clough grow their herbs and other treats on two acres in Ozark, Missouri and bring them all to market on Saturdays.

Heritage Blend Lettuce

As the name suggests, this is a blend of lettuces, the purpose, of course, being to make versatile, tasty salads. These vigorous seedlings clearly are off to a great start. At a-simple-sign-jpg.jpgright, a simple sign shows a great price.

Garlic and Winter Thyme

Garlic and Winter Thyme. Garlic speaks for itself. Winter Thyme is an heirloom herb that's winter hardy, grows to 8 inches tall, and is extremely fragrant--a great addition to both the garden and the palate. The painted rock? More about that below.

Creole Red Onion

Another special offering for King Tree customers is Red Creole Onions. These are beautiful red onions with good, spicy flavor. As might be expected, they're great additions to Cajun foods, salsas and other extra-zesty dishes. Bon ton roulez, cherie!

Flat Leaf Italian Parsley

There are two types of parsley, we've just learned: Flat Leaf and Curly. Flat Leaf are the more flavorful and have a clean, peppery taste, making it much preferred for cooking. Note: Wise cooks say to always add parsley to cooked dishes at the very last of the cooking.

Genovese Basil

Genovese Basil has gained fame as the best of all possible basils for Italian pesto. Long a favorite of cooks everywhere, its leaves are extremely tender and fragrant, and the flavor is said to be peppery and spicy with hints of mint and clove. Mama Mia!

Wakefield and Red Russian Cabbages
wakefield-cabbage-and-red-russian-jpg.jpgWe need to check with Richard to find out whether this variety is the English variety Wakefield Cabbage, or Early Jersey Wakefield, or Charleston Wakefield. We will do, and give you the results. Meanwhile, there's no confusion about Russian Red Cabbage. Red cabbages are richer in vitamin C and of course key ingredients in salads, soups, and other dishes, and this heirloom variety is one of the most flavorful. 

Birdhouse Gourds

If you're a crafter, or just like gourds, what could be better than having a ready supply of raw material at the right price. Yep, they make great birdhouses, all right, but we're betting if you're into it you could paint 'em up, too.

Herb Rocks

Hey, we really like this idea. How about you?

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