A Tulip Garden

the-sunny-side-jpg.jpgWe were taking a leisurely drive through Phelps Grove Park in Springfield, Missouri, a lovely park surrounded on three sides by the most pleasant imaginable neighborhoods. Then we came upon the amazing sight at the left.
      It might not be totally accurate to refer to this remarkable planting as a "tulip garden," but we can't resist. For us, it contains far too many gorgeous varieties for the tiny word "bed."
      This photo shows the tulips exactly as they first caught our eye. We just had to stop for a closer look, and more pictures, and we did, and now we have to share them with you.
      We hope you enjoy them.

A Closer Look...

Moving just a bit closer, we were a bit disbelieving.

And Even Closer

This is when the uniqueness of this planting really hit us.

A World of Color

...we were dazzled.

And More Color

And Yet More Color

And More

A friend who has seen these pictures said, "I love the kaleidoscope effect."

A Second Bed

A second, smaller tulip bed made a serene picture in the late morning light.

As we approached it, we saw that this bed held the same tulip varieties as the first. We studied it for a bit, then left.
      The tulips made our day, really. Not to be too hokey about it, but once again we felt supremely heartened, as we are so often in the Ozarks, that there are people in this world who create such magic in their yards and gardens and freely share it with all of us.

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