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mike-and-paula-sherwood-jpg.jpgBlackberry Lane Gardens specializes in growing beautiful ornamental plants and, in addition, organic vegetables and berries, all of which affable owners Mike and Paula Sherwood sold at the now defunct James River Farmers Market in Springfield, Missouri.
      The couple do their growing on a 13-acre, USDA-Certified-Organic farm at Crane, Missouri, and Mike says they don't go it totally alone. "We have six grandkids who come out and give us a hand," he adds with a smile.
We're unsure at the moment where Mike and Paula will be selling other than at the farm this year, but we'll do our best to find out. In any event, Mike says, "We'll have certified organic vegetables in summer, and we'll also have organic blackberries and gooseberries."
As you'll see below, Mike and Paula also create exceptionally attractive hanging baskets that showcase some of the newest, most beautiful, most colorful plants on the market.
Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets have taken on new dimensions with the development of such extraordinary new hybrids as Supertunias and Superbells Calibrachoa, and Mike and Paula are putting the best of these new plants to work in their original creations.

Supertunia Bordeaux

Described as "an aggressive bloomer", the Bordeaux Supertunia bears an enormous abundance of pinkish flowers with wine-colored veining. It grows to 7 inches tall and spreads to a generous 3 feet. This marvel of a plant blooms beautifully all season long and the flowers are wonderfully fragrant.

'Coralberry Punch' Calibrachoa

'Coralberry Punch' Calibrachoa just may be one of the best plants ever--whether in hanging baskets or in the garden. One of the Superbells series of plants from Proven Winners, it grows to 8 inches tall with a 3-foot spread, trails beautifully in any container, and produces a huge abundance of blossoms all season long. In addition, viewers often describe Its unique coral-and-rose-and-red coloration as "breathtaking," 

SuperCal Petchoa Terra Cotta

This unique plant is SuperCal Petchoa Terra Cotta and it's a marvel on many counts. Petchoa plants are petunia-calibrachoa hybrids bred to have the best qualities of both flowers. It grows to a foot tall and 15 inches wide and is vigorous, tolerant of extreme weather, and bears a great profusion of flowers all season long.

Old Wood & Flowers

What goes better together than old wood and fresh flowers? Nothing we know of. Mike and Paula call these "Ole Country Planters" and we think they're winners all the way. We're looking at two pretty Dahlias in one and red Geraniums and 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia (Euphorbia graminia) in the other.

And Another
This "Ole Country Planter" displays the beautiful Superbells Dreamsicle Callibrachoa, a Proven Winners hybrid that grows to 10 inches high with a 10-inch spread, along with a sprinkling of pristine white Bacopa.

The Dreamsicle Calli Up Close

A closer look at the Dreamsicle Callibrachoa reveals more of its unique coloration.

Bacopa and Lobelia

A little closer look at the extremely versatile plant called Bacopa (Sutera cordata), here in a hanging basket with blue lobelia. With its cascading stems and profuse tiny, pristine-white flowers, it's the perfect companion for any and everything in containers. Extremely easy to grow, it can reach 4-8 inches tall and spread as wide as 3 feet.

'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia
diamond-frost-euphorbia-jpg.jpgTo put it simply, we can't think of a better plant for containers than 'Diamond Frost' Euphorbia (Euphorbia graminea 'Diamond Frost'). And that's not too surprising--the Proven Winners folk say it's the most award-winning plant in the company's history. Heat and drought tolerant and extremely easy to grow, this wonder reaches a height of 12-18 inches and trails to 24 inches, producing airy clouds of beautiful, tiny, pristine-white flowers all season long.

Supertunia Vista Bubble Gum

It's easy enough to see where the Vista Bubble Gum Supertunia gets its name. Like all Supertunias, this introduction from Proven Winners grows vigorously and is ideal for hanging baskets, windowboxes, or any other containers. It can reach into a mound 16-24 inches tall with a spread of 2 feet

Black-Eyed Susan Vine

We were delighted to find that Mike and Paula carry this beautiful vine because sometimes we think it's our favorite all plants. It's Black-Eyed Susan Vine (Thunbergia alata). We love the pure symmetry and color of its flower and its lush, beautiful, light-green foliage. The vine grows quickly to 6-8 feet and bears a great many flowers through the season. We've found it to be ideal wherever it's grown, in the garden, along fences or trellises, or in any kind of container.

Supertunia Picasso in Pink

The Picasso in Pink Supertunia is a true marvel of a plant. Reminiscent of, and perhaps related to, the wildly successful Pretty Much Picasso Supertunia, it has a more  compact habit than the latter. Otherwise, it's also a unique bicolor flower of subtle red-violet edged in chartreuse. Extremely vigorous, it grows 8-12 inches tall with a generous 36-inch spread. We think it's a Proven Winner all the way.

Supertunia Royal Velvet

The Royal Velvet Supertunia is another winner from Proven Winners. This amazing plant with its rich, deep-purple flowers grows vigorously to 6-10 tall and spreads an amazing 48 inches. As you can see, it's perfect for hanging baskets. Note: it does best if fed weekly.

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