For a great many people
who live in the Ozarks, Fall is a season of unparalleled beauty. For example, this quiet neighborhood in south Springfield, Missouri, has actually achieved some measure of fame for the vibrancy of its autumn colors.


Rain at Last
At the end of an unusually hot, dry Ozarks summer in 2005, the skies opened for a refreshing autumn rain. (Some would call it a "gullywasher.") You could almost hear the applause, and this beautiful rain ushered in a gorgeous fall season. These first pumpkins were at the entryway of Wickman's Garden Village, one of Springfield, Missouri's, oldest and most popular nurseries.

The Autumn Leaves

It's the turning of the leaves, of course, that strikes the most dramatic visual note in autumn.

An Ancient Tree Today
ginkgo-biloba-jpg.jpgAmidst the reds, oranges, and yellows of the Ozarks one of the most unusual and most engaging performers is the Ginkgo biloba tree, commonly known as the Maidenhair Tree for its leaves resemblance to those of the Maidenhair Fern. This unique tree can grow to 100 feet tall and is sometimes called "a living fossil" because its leaves are identical to fossilized leaf impressions dating to 170 million years ago. This Ginkgo was spotted in early November in a quiet neighborhood in south-central Springfield, Missouri.


Our brightest fall displays come with the maples.

Even Oranges....

The fall display is more than a little enlivened by the trees whose leaves turn orange in autumn. This prize specimen was photographed in the Springfield Botanical Gardens in Springfield, Missouri.

And Yellows....

This tree in south Springfield, Missouri, is much admired by all who encounter it, and that certainly includes us.

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maples are extremely popular in Ozarks landscapes, and for good reason.
What sight could be livelier after the passing of spring?

A River of Mums

Autumn brings our beloved chrysanthemums, certainly one of our most colorful flowers regardless of the time of year, into ravishing bloom.This amazing display is known as the River of Mums, and it can be found in the Springfield Botanical Gardens in Springfield, Missouri.

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