Lane and Paula's Garden

gardening_together_jpg.jpgLane and Paula Winter,
who at the time this picture was taken had been married 33 years, created a most remarkable little neighborhood garden in south central Springfield, Missouri, together and literally from scratch. "It's a family project," said Lane.
      Here they're enjoying a moment in a highly inviting water garden nook they designed themselves and installed on the east side of the house. "People are always stopping by to look at the garden," Lane says, "and we're happy to talk with them about it."

Creating the Garden

Lane says that creating the garden took an average of 6 or 7 hours a day for around 20 days. "The hardest part was gettin' it all dug out. You work on it for a little while then you quit." He underscores the need to have a solid plan for such a project. "I spent a couple of weeks doodlin' on paper. When you get your mind down on what you're gonna do, it goes pretty fast."

A Living Entity
The Winters take special pleasure in the McGregor school kids' interest in the garden. "They stop and look at it on the way home," says Lane, "and we get parents in the mornings who are dropping their kids off. They come over and look. Then I have to get out here and show 'em the fish." The fish are five koi in the bigger pond. The lower pond contains a crawdad his 10-year-old grandson Matthew caught.

Stress? What Stress?

The garden in front includes a large rosebush with pink blooms at left, a sidewalk border of hibiscus, begonias, mums, and more, and another water feature. the Winters especially love the sound of the water. "We like sitting out here in the evenings," says Lane. "It's quiet and you get sleepy. You can get your stress taken care of with something like this."

A Closer Look
a_closer_look_jpg.jpgThe second water feature, barely visible here as a small fountain at right-center, is based in a buried 20-gallon barrel. The barrel contains "about" 10 bluegill that Lane says grandson Matthew catches "out at Fellows Lake." Lane also plans to add some donated roses and other plants "to spruce up" McGregor School's property. He also wants to add another above-ground water garden. We plan to follow the growth of this novel garden and provide updates.

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