AAS Classics

'Ideal Violet' Dianthus'Ideal Violet' Dianthus
'Ideal Violet' Dianthus appeared in 1992 and soon gained fame for its rich coloration and long season of bloom resulting from superior cold and heat resistance. Bred in the South of France, the plant grows to 10-12 inches tall and bears deep violet, 1-1/2-inch single blooms. Excellent in the garden or container, it was the first dianthus to receive the AAS Bedding Plant award.
'Big Beef' Tomato'Big Beef' Tomato
'Big Beef' Tomato in 1994 was the answer to gardeners' prayers for a vigorous, early-bearing, highly disease-resistant and delicious beefsteak-type tomato. Easy to grow, 'Big Beef' bears 8-12-ounce fruit about 73 days from transplanting and, as AAS puts it, is "almost foolproof."
'Ultra Crimson Star' Petunias'Ultra Crimson Star' Petunias
'Ultra Crimson Star' Petunia appeared in 1988 and soon won fame for the vivid and uniquely consistent star pattern on its 3-4-inch grandiflora blooms. Superb in the garden or containers, the plant is compact and branching and blossoms early in the season.
'Wave Purple' Petunia'Wave Purple' Petunia

'Wave Purple' Petunia created a sensation in 1992 for its habit, unique for a petunia, of growing not vertically but trailing along the soil like an ivy, with stems that took root. Famed also for its vigor and disease resistance, the plant grows to 4-6 inches tall with a spread of 3-4 feet. Its impact on the gardening world made it an AAS Winner and also brought its breeder, Daigaku Takeshita, the All-America Selections Breeder's Cup Trophy.

'Majestic Giants Mix' Pansies'Majestic Giants Mix' Pansies
First introduced in 1966, 'Majestic Giants Mix' was the first pansy that did not require cool temperatures to begin blooming, which makes it work beautifully even in southern fall plantings. Exceptionally long-lived, the plant grows to 6-8 inches tall with enormous 4-inch-wide blooms in a wide range of colors from blue, scarlet, cherry red, yellow, and orange, to pure white.

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