Mystic Desire Dahlia August 11, 2009Mystic Desire Dahlia August 11, 2009
Little Magnus ConeflowerLittle Magnus Coneflower
Wild Blackeyed SusanWild Blackeyed Susan
Bubbling OverBubbling Over
Storm TrainStorm Train
Part of the picturesque beauty of the Midwest are the cloud formations that precede summer storms. This unusual "storm train" formation appeared in the summer of 2004.
Compass PlantCompass Plant

In the summer of 2005, an almost 3-month stream of rainless, 90-plus-degree days from late June into September was hard on Ozarks gardens and gardeners. Our wildflowers suffered, too; for example, this Compass Plant languished in a field at Wilson Creek Battlefield at about half its normal 8-10-foot height. Want to see a normally watered, healthy Compass Plant? Just click here.

Sunflowers GaloreSunflowers Galore
One sure sign of midsummer is the appearance of many different varieties of sunflowers. These beauties were grown by Paris Springs Creations, which sells at the Farmer's Market at the Battlefield Mall in Springfield, Missouri.
A cooler sceneA cooler scene
When the temperature hits 102 in the Ozarks, as it did last summer, this water feature southeast of Springfield promises something close to Nirvana.
Hot workHot work
This visitor from cooler climes in New England waters a parched flower bed for a friend in Springfield, MO. The temperature was 90 degrees. Not her cup of tea, she said.

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