Sweet 'n Hot PeppersSweet 'n Hot Peppers
Red is InRed is In
Bouquets, TooBouquets, Too
Hickory NutsHickory Nuts
For many, one of the real joys of farmer's markets is finding days-gone-by goodies we just don't see any more. To wit, Kathy and Ron brought several bags of gen-u-wine hickory nuts, a delicious treat of the past. Tip: Hickories are so hard-shelled as to defy any nutcracker. The usual cracking method is smashing them with a hammer, which can smash meat too. The best way to get the most meat is to use...a bench vise.  
High Finance in the Hickory WorldHigh Finance in the Hickory World
If you're thinking of getting rich in the hickory business, better read this.
Shiny PunkinsShiny Punkins
'Cool Breeze' Cucumbers'Cool Breeze' Cucumbers
The 'Cool Breeze' Cucumber (Cucumis sativus 'Cool Breeze') is a hybrid that produces a huge crop of 4-inch-long cucumbers (up to 50 per plant) said to be outstanding for making sweet pickles. The vegetable is disease resistant, doesn't require cross-pollination, and you can get your cukes in 45 days from seed..

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