'Winter King' Hawthorn'Winter King' Hawthorn
Yes, we did have a snow in 2006, and it tipped the bright red berries of this 'Winter King' Hawthorn with white. The tree is located in Springfield, Missouri's, Xeriscape Garden. Note: The flower of the Hawthorn is Missouri's state flower.
Heavenly BambooHeavenly Bamboo
When most of our garden plants are at rest, some others bring vivid color to the winter landscape. This Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica) and its red berries brighten the scene in the Xeriscape Garden in Springfield, Missouri's, Phelps Grove Park.
A Very Late SnowA Very Late Snow
Did it really snow in the Ozarks on April 14th, 2007? Absolutely. It was a Saturday morning about 9 when this picture was taken in west Greene County, Missouri. The snow was falling so thickly in huge, wet flakes that one could scarcely see. It was beautiful but costly, as it killed the buds on most of the Ozarks' spring-blooming trees and other plants. 
The Ice Storm Cometh....The Ice Storm Cometh....
and the Ice Storm taketh away--our electricity, heat, and in some people's opinion, very nearly our sanity. It happened in January 2007. This yucca plant, caught at the storm's peak in the country north of Willard, Missouri, might have been beautiful in a less grim setting. The storm caused millions of dollars in damage and downed power lines forced hundeds of thousands in six states to seek warmth in public shelters or with friends or relatives. Many were without electricity for 13 days. As Missourians are wont to do, however, we survived. Read on.

After the Ice StormAfter the Ice Storm
For those who wanted to see the yucca without its icy overcoat.
Butterfly Girl in the SnowButterfly Girl in the Snow
The Butterfly Girl found herself in snowy wonder on February 1st, 2008. She's the centerpiece of the Butterfly Garden in Close Memorial Park, one of 16 beautiful gardens that form the setting for Springfield, Missouri's, new Botanical Center. Thanks to George Deatz of the Friends of the Garden for sending us the photo. If you'd like to see the Butterfly Garden in season, click here. To see and learn more about the Botanical Center, go here.
The 2008 Ice StormThe 2008 Ice Storm
Incredibly, another ice storm hit the Ozarks in 2008. Though less devastating than the 2007 ice storm, it still caused damage and power outages. George Deatz took some extraordinary photographs of the storm in Springfield's beautiful Close Memorial Park. George, a member of Friends of the Garden, the nonprofit group raising funds for a new Botanical Center in the park, took the pictures February 12-13, 2008, catching this normally warmer boy and his dog, and more.
Wasp & GoldenrodWasp & Goldenrod
This lucky (or unusually smart) wasp managed to find the last Goldenrod blossom just before that night's killing freeze.
Icy RoseIcy Rose
An exceptionally vigorous Knock Out Rose took on a new dimension encased in ice.
A bull on a farm near Willard, Missouri, in early February 2011.
A Cold SnackA Cold Snack
More cattle on the same farm in the same winter, at feeding time.
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It SnowLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
The farmhouse after the cattle have been fed. This snowstorm raised the depth of the snow to almost two feet.
Winter ConeflowerWinter Coneflower
Winter in the Ozarks its not without rather amazing surprises. On December 3rd, 2012, a friend found one of our best-loved wildflowers, the Purple Coneflower, actually in bloom in the Springfield Botanical Gardens.
Climate WinterClimate Winter

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