Moon City Garden Club

Moon City MembersMoon City Members
Shown here, left to right, are Moon City Garden Club members Russ Bowe, Phyllis Holzenberg, Pat O'Neill, club president Mary Jo Frazier, and Mickey Hinrichs while on a visit to one of the Ozarks' most beautiful gardens, the Roston Family's Garden of Dreams (also known as Honeybranch Cave) just east of Sparta, Missouri. Thanks to Mary Jo for sending us these pictures and info, and thanks to Max Bishbop for taking such beautiful photos..
Garden LoversGarden Lovers
Beaming club member Phyllis Holzenberg welcomed guests to a spot of tea in the club's Spring Garden Tour and Tea. Another highlight: a plant sale where, says Mary Jo, the club sold some $175 worth of such goodies as hostas, sedums, canna lilies, and native plants. All told, the Tour & Tea was a terrific success, with more than 150 tickets sold. Bravo, we say. 
Old-Time PeoniesOld-Time Peonies
These beautiful peonies are possibly 50 years old, said Mary Jo, adding that they're part of a bank of peonies that line the sidewalk at the North Clay Avenue home of Susan Wilson. 
Susan's GardenSusan's Garden
The view from Susan Wilson's doorstep onto her North Clay entryway.
Another LookAnother Look
Could you find a more idyllic Midwestern garden scene? It's Susan's house and entryway from the street.
A Backyard GardenA Backyard Garden
This absolutely wonderful backyard garden at the home of Tom and Abbe Ehlers on North Summit Avenue was a highlight of the 2007 Tour & Tea. Mary Jo says, "We get a number of returning guests. We also get a number of people who come the first time and are elated to see the neighborhood."
Another ViewAnother View
Another view of the Ehlers' garden, with a raised planter in the foreground. This is obviously a garden that's grown along with its owners' whims and fancy. We think that's the way it 'sposed to be.
A Shady BorderA Shady Border
What could be better than a shady border, some statuary, and an old wooden fence? It's another corner of the Ehlers' garden. 
For the BirdsFor the Birds
Nestled among bright orange poppies, a little refreshment for our feathered buddies.

A Pretty BedA Pretty Bed
This charming flower bed is the creation of retired Drury University Professor Harriet Mears, now in her 80's, who's been gardening the same property on North Washington Avenue for several decades.
An Old-Fashioned SceneAn Old-Fashioned Scene
In turn-of-the-century costume, Mary Jo fit perfectly with Harriet's old-fashioned garden. 
A Good BackyardA Good Backyard
Among the surprises in Louise's garden on North Summit Avenue is a Carolina Allspice Bush whose seed actually came down from a plant Thomas Jefferson grew at Monticello. 
Crown of ThornsCrown of Thorns
This almost-alien-looking plant is the Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia splendens) and it belongs to Marie Merrell, a tour visitor who lives on North Summit herself and, as a kind of bonus, treated visitors to a look at her own garden.
Remind us to ask Marie what in the Sam Hill this is. We're thinking cactus, or something from a seed that fell from a flying saucer. At any rate, it's obviously found a home, and we like it.
The Drury GreenhouseThe Drury Greenhouse
The last stop on the Spring Tour & Tea itinerary was a visit to the teaching greenhouse at Drury University.
Music in the GardenMusic in the Garden

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