Rocks to Roses

Rose bowlsRose bowls
We didn't expect such beauty in the back of a pickup, but Sam McGowan is, after all, a roselover extraordinaire. He helped create and takes care of the beautiful Rose Garden in Springfield, Missouri's, Close Memorial Park and also grows some 250 roses on his property in the town of Battlefield. Today he's brought to market some of his best in vases and rose bowls.
The natural lookThe natural look
Sam has a knack for growing healthy, blemish-free roses that above all look perfectly natural--never overfertilized or marred by careless culture. He says he favors a systemic fertilizer-pesticide mix to nourish and protect roses during growth, and sometimes adds organics as well.  
Roses and crystalRoses and crystal

Sam says the pale peach-apricot flower in the center of this beautiful bouquet is the climbing rose, 'Westerland'. The white rose with the pale pink blush, he adds, is 'First Kiss' and the deeper pink rose 'Distant Drums'.

Pink under glassPink under glass
This remarkable, silky-textured pink rose will stay pristine in the bowl for about five days, says Sam. 
'Double Delight'?'Double Delight'?
The bicolor star in this bouquet we think is 'Double Delight'. Note: We bought one of Sam's bouquets and found that even a week later, it still looked beautiful.
Light 'n shadowLight 'n shadow
Rose bowls can bring remarkable beauty to any setting, even to the bed of a '53 Studebaker pickup. We rest our case.
Sam and Rocks to RosesSam and Rocks to Roses

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