The English Garden

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English Gardens
are softer, more fluid, and richer in the variety of plants than more strictly defined Formal Gardens, but are not as "happenstance" and disorganized as English Cottage Gardens. They seem to fall between the two extremes. This English Garden is an excellent example of a colorful, mixed garden with softer contours, and a most pleasing place to be.

The Garden's CreatorThe Garden's Creator
On a lovely day in early Spring, we happened on the garden's designer, Peter Longley, at work. He seemed very pleased that people enjoy the garden. "It's maturing," he told us. "This year you won't be able to see the ground for the plants." A native of Scotland, Peter is also a writer who's penned several novels. 
The Garden WallThe Garden Wall
From the walkway, a view of the beautiful garden wall and a nice, recessed place to relax.
The garden's charm is greatly enhanced by its proximity to the park's Lake Drummond.
The curves of the park sidewalk and the garden path blend beautifully.
A solitary statue is a perfect focal point for the garden.
Toward DuskToward Dusk
One of our favorite photos of the English Garden is this one taken by Peter in the late afternoon light. We thank him for its use.
A ChildA Child
The Garden in JuneThe Garden in June
Pink RosesPink Roses
Early AprilEarly April
The Phlox and a FriendThe Phlox and a Friend
Phlox ColorsPhlox Colors
The Fall GardenThe Fall Garden
The goal of the garden to provide color and textural interest year-'round is beautifully realized in autumn, when this picture was taken.
Framed English GardenFramed English Garden
English Garden viewEnglish Garden view

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